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Business Needs

Business Continuity

Running a business is often a challenge. It makes sense to manage the risk and reduce the impact created by certain losses attached to untimely death or long-term disability of a partner or key person. Business Insurance provides protection against operational losses caused by such uncertainties.

• Protection while enhancing yields

• Ready funds for future needs (retirement)

• Upfront cash to fund for business disruption cause by demise of key person or partner

Employees Retirement Program

Are you ready when your employees will retire? Being prepared for it can relieve you of the stress and worries of a sudden need for liquidity at point of retirement. With Insular Life’s RETIREMENT PLUS PROGRAM, we provide a unique and flexible funding vehicle it addresses the company’s obligation to the retiring employees, while providing burial expense in case of untimely death either due to illness or accident


Financial Wellness Forums

Financial stress is a prime cause of personal stress, which affects both the health and the productivity of your employees. As an employer, keeping a loyal, productive and cheerful workforce is at the core of your business. Our WORKPLACE FINANCIAL WELLNESS SEMINARS give your employees the necessary tools to create financial balance and freedom from financial stress.

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